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NCAP works to safeguard human health from pesticide exposure by stopping harmful pesticide approaches and advancing ecologically sound alternatives. The more we learn about pesticides, the more we understand that they are linked to serious health problems. Our program aims to protect community health by eliminating pesticide uses, and consequently, pesticide exposures.

In addition to providing technical information on pesticide risks and alternative methods for pest control, NCAP advocates for programs and policies that eliminate pesticide use in areas where people are most vulnerable. NCAP is dedicated to achieving social justice and equity by dismantling injustices in our environment. When working to overcome the injustices related to pesticides and pesticide exposure, it is imperative that we turn our focus to the frontlines.

Listen to a conversation in Spanish with NCAP's Dominica Navarro on the Conoce Tu Columbia radio program about NCAP, Latinx representation in education, and the effects of COVID-19 on our communities.

Protéjase de los Riesgos de los Pesticidas: Video en español