At Work

Farm workers in a field passing watermelons into a truck

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For Agricultural Workers

Human Exposure to Pesticide Drift: Washington State Report (English)
Exposición Humana por Deriva de Pesticidas: Informe del Estado de Washington (Español)

NCAP co-authored this 21 page report summarizing important research documenting the rise of human exposure to harmful pesticide drift in Washington State. The Department of Health has reported that 90% of the people who reported health impacts caused by pesticide drift were not employed by the farm that applied the chemicals. Farm workers and their families bear the burden of a disproportionate amount of risk associated with pesticide use. The report includes personal stories of farm workers whose health has been negatively impacted by drift, background information on health risks associated with pesticides and an overview of efforts to reduce exposure by drift.

For Pesticide Applicators

Working with PPE filling tank with chemical

Pesticide applicators either choose to apply chemicals or are required to use them in the course of their employment. If you use pesticides at work, learning as much as you can about the harmful effects of pesticides and effective alternatives can help you to advocate for healthier working conditions. Methods such as integrated pest management, green infrastructure and least-toxic alternatives may be implemented to replace hazardous pesticide handling. When changing company practices is not an option, always make sure conditions are as safe as possible. 

For Landscape Professionals