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We work to expand organic and sustainable food production and consumption in the Northwest by advancing alternatives to pesticides on the ground, and by promoting strong food policies locally and federally. To view our resources for farm workers, visit our At Work page.

Roughly two-thirds of all pesticide use occurs in agriculture, so it is a priority area for NCAP. We're aiming for big reductions in pesticide use by helping growers devise alternative strategies for pest management in food production. Part of what we do involves special workshops, conferences and field days designed to help farmers access real, practical techniques and learn directly from one another about what works.

But we aren't just in the field. We also strive to ensure that food policies are actually supportive of sustainable agriculture. This means connecting farmers with decision makers in their communities so that their voices are heard. It also means watchdogging federal packages like the Farm Bill to make sure that our nation invests in developing new alternatives to pesticides and supports sustainable food production.

Check out these NCAP videos and resources: