Bees, Beetles, Butterflies, Oh My!


NCAP is committed to raising awareness around how pesticides negatively impact bees and other invaluable invertebrates by partnering with a wide range of community members to conserve and restore critical habitat. On July 19, 2019 a group of 55 farmers, gardeners, certified pesticide applicators, educators, and government workers gathered in Boise, ID at Global Gardens to learn about steps they can take. The agenda for this exciting event covered a variety of topics including an introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Conservation Biological Control (CBC), how to assess existing habitat on your land, plan and execute habitat enhancement projects, basic field observation and identification techniques for beneficial insects and pests, and resource sharing.

Below are resources you can use to take steps on your own.




Resources for assessing, planning, and installing habitat:

Are you interested in learning what you can do to improve beneficial insect habitat on your farm, in your yard, or on land you manage?

Idaho Pollinator Habitat Assessment

Ready to start planning a habitat restoration project?

Establishing Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Habitat on Organic Farms in Idaho: An Installation Guide for Meadows and Hedgerows

Resources for plant selection:

Want to know what plants have been identified that Monarch Butterflies love?

Monarch Butterfly Nectar Plant Lists for Conservation Plantings

Need information about how to source native plants?

Native Plant Sourcing List (Local and Regional) 

Resources for Insect Observation and Identification: 

Do you need to brush up on all the insects that pollinate?

Primer on Pollinating Insect Group

Want tips on how to observe insects?

Foliage scouting

Floral scouting

Soil Scouting

More resources:

2019 Field Day Agenda

Want to test your knowledge of native plants or learn more about funding options for on farm habitat projects?

Look back at resources from our 2017 Field Day 


Bees, Beetles, Butterflies, Oh My, a field day, was organized by NCAP with facilitation support from Xerces Society, Idaho Botanical Garden, and Idaho State Department of Agriculture. The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Ada Soil and Water Conservation District helped fund this event. A special thank you to our host Global Gardens

Reach out to Christina Stucker-Gassi, Healthy Food and Farms Program Coordinator, with any questions [email protected]

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