Creepy Crawly Campaign

What’s the Creepy Crawly Campaign all about?

NCAP is kicking off our first annual fundraiser to protect beneficial bugs and creatures. Worldwide, insect populations are in decline. Ecosystems and all other creatures in the food chain depend on diverse insect populations. Our regional business league sponsors recognize that insects are critical to the health of the Northwest and have pledged support to protect our creepy crawly friends from pesticide exposure.

What’s our goal?

We aim to raise $10,000 to help protect beneficial bugs and creatures. The funds will be used to conduct education and advocate for pesticide reform.

When does it happen?

October 22 thru October 31, 2019

October 29 from 5pm-8pm we celebrate our progress at the Creepy Crawly Carnival at Whirled Pies. NCAP will have resources and crafts about beneficial bugs, a photo booth contest, raffle baskets and more! 

How does it work?

Local, sustainability minded business leaders commit matching funds ahead of a public Creepy Crawly Carnival event and a 10 day social media/crowdfunding campaign. What you give during the campaign period is matched, dollar for dollar, up to the amount of matching funds committed by the participating companies. We will showcase tips on how to protect beneficial bugs throughout the campaign.

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This year’s Creepy Crawly Business Donors

Café Mam - Carnival Sponsor
Herb Pharm - Carnival Sponsor
Mountain Rose Herbs - Carnival Sponsor and $3,500 Match Donation
Moon Valley Organics - $1,000 Match Donation
GloryBee - $500 Match Donation
Rincon-Vitova - $250 Match Donation
Hummingbird Wholesale - $250 Match Donation

Want your business to participate? Contact Ashley at: [email protected].

Creepy Crawly Carnival Location:

Ashley Chesser

Will you come?