Native Plants


Native Plant Talk Key Points

adapted from Diane Jones’ session

Ideas for success

  • Plant variety
  • Plant shrubs
  • Be willing to experiment
  • Know your drainage

Why plant native?

  • Coevolution! Locally adapted plants have coevolved with the insects that pollinate them, meaning they’re more likely to produce the right amount of pollen to sustain them.
  • No fertilizer
  • Low input
  • It’s a way of connecting with our landscape

Native Plant Suggestions:

  • Flowersuse.jpgFernbush
  • Apache Plume
  • Showy goldeneye
  • Rocky mountain bee plant
  • Yellow bee plant
  • Bee balm (Monarda)
  • Scarlet gilia
  • Sulfur buckwheat and other buckwheats
  • Penstemon
  • Blanketflower (Gaillardia)
  • Evening primrose
  • Purple sage
  • Chocolate flower
  • Coneflower (Echinacea)
  • Blazing star (Liatris)
  • Narrowleaf milkweed
  • Gaura
  • Showy Milkweed


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