Webinar: Protecting Migratory Pollinators

Monarch butterfly

Join NCAP and Pesticide Action Network (PAN) North America for a free hour-long exploration of two less-recognized but extremely important pollinators: nectar-feeding bats and monarchs. Presenters Juan Moreira-Hernández and Gail Morris will discuss these species' relationships to plants and flowers, habitat needs, effective conservation and management efforts, impacts of pesticides, and ways you can participate in community-based science to protect pollinators in your homes and communities.


Juan Moreira-Hernández

Juan Moreira-Hernández is a Costa Rican tropical ecologist and PhD Candidate in Biology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He studies interactions between nectar-feeding bats and the flowers they pollinate in tropical mountain forests of Central and South America. In addition to being a scientist, he has worked for more than 10 years as an environmental educator, ecotourism guide, and teaching assistant and coordinator of field ecology programs with the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica. He is also actively engaged in science communication and outreach through storytelling, nature photography, and social media as he believes weaving and sharing stories around the fascinating natural history of our planet's biodiversity is a powerful tool for conservation.

Gail Morris

Gail Morris is the Coordinator of the Southwest Monarch Study, a Citizen Science research project based in Arizona monitoring monarch butterflies in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, western Colorado and the deserts of California. She is also a Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist, and serves as the Vice President of the Monarch Butterfly Fund and the Central Arizona Butterfly Association as well as the new Western Monarch Advocates board. Gail has authored several monarch publications and dedicates her time training Citizen Scientists to participate in monarch research, education and conservation efforts in the southwestern United States.


Please RSVP (register) on PAN's website, and you will receive access details via email prior to the event.


  • June 29, 2020 at 1:00pm – 2pm
  • Online

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