What products can I use that replace pesticides?

NCAP does not sell products. Much of what we suggest relates to preventing pest problems through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and through more ecological solutions. We advise learning about the biology of the pest and approaches that do not rely as much on actual products but more on preventing pest problems. Pest is a relative term. Every organism plays a role in the ecosystem. Understand the role and its importance. ‘Pest’ problems usually result from imbalances that are imposed on a natural system. Plant a wide variety of native flowers, shrubs, and trees to offer year-round sources for pollen and nectar and reduce the need for pesticides. Companion planting-minimizes problems and maximize beneficial insects.

Check out our Pests & Alternatives Resources Page for more information.

Vinegar herbicides and DIY vinegar weed killers may be an option to help mitigate weeds, especially on younger plants.
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