Cleaner Water for a Keen Sense of Smell

(By Sharon Selvaggio, Healthy Wildlife and Water Program Director)"My smeller’s so keen that it just can’t be beat.” One of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories is The Big Brag. A rabbit brags he can hear a fly cough 90 miles away, prompting a bear to best him by claiming he smells a stale egg 600 miles away. A worm puts the argument to rest by popping out of the ground and boasting he can see all the way around the world. I remember puzzling over it when young. How could one see all around the world exactly? Continue reading

Pest Management Guide

  At NCAP, we aim to empower constituents to research and employ alternatives to pesticides. Use this guide to help you in your quest to manage pests without pesticides! NCAP has limited staff and resources and by researching your own solutions, you save NCAP time and money that we can use to focus on advocating, researching and hosting educational events about alternatives to pesticides.  Continue reading

Bothered by Mosquitoes

Tips to avoid getting bit! (by Jennifer Snyder and Ashley Chesser)   Mosquito season is upon us! Most people have been bit or bothered by these insects at one time or another. While male mosquitoes feed solely on flower nectar, most adult female mosquitoes also feed on blood from a variety of animals – including humans. Continue reading

Natural Yellowjacket Control Part 1: Safety & Seasonality

Summer is here and so are the yellowjackets! This guest post was written by NCAP supporter Aaron Walton. Aaron shares tips from his experience managing yellowjackets on his 2.5 acre property near Eugene, Oregon. Continue reading

Noxious Weeds at Azure Standard Farm

5/23/2017 UPDATE:  Last week, on May 17, 2017, the Sherman County Court held a discussion regarding the Sherman County Weed Control Ordinance violation associated with Azure Standard Farm. After a social media blitz and the Sherman County Commissioners office receiving a staggering 57,000 emails as of last Wednesday, all parties involved met to discuss the issue.  Continue reading