Pesticide-Free Oregon City – Ten Years On

By Francesca Anton, NCAP supporter It is May 2030.  Springtime has now reached the outer edges of its big burst of glory in Oregon City.    As with so many other cities in the U.S. and around the world, residents in every neighborhood here are enjoying the fruits of their efforts after making a collaborative commitment just over a decade ago to develop native garden habitat and discontinue the use of toxic pesticides at home, inside and out.    Continue reading

Pesticide-Free: A Better Choice Today for Bees, Fish and Families

By Sharon Selvaggio, Healthy Wildlife & Water Program Director On the TV commercial, the Roundup-wielding suburban dad looks tough and capable. The chemical stream he aims immediately withers the upstart weeds growing in the cracks of his driveway. Within seconds, everything spic and span, he proudly swaggers back inside. Continue reading

DIY Insecticidal Soap

By Ashley Chesser, Communications & Development Director I proudly survey the messy kaleidoscope of green hues before me. By the end of June, as sunlight clings to the final hours of each day, the fruits (or veggies!) of my labor finally manifest as more than stubborn remnants of dirt underneath my fingernails. Kale and chard are nearly ready for a stir fry, and the lettuce and spinach have started participating in salads. My two young daughters devour raspberries daily. Continue reading

EPA Leaves Threatened Salmon and Steelhead Stranded

EPA Proposes Significant Changes to Endangered Species-Pesticide Analysis Methods by Sharon Selvaggio, Healthy Wildlife & Water Program Director We need your help.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to weaken their evaluation protocol with a revised, weakened method for conducting “Biological Evaluations,” which is a first step in determining if endangered species might be adversely affected by pesticides. NCAP has worked for years to protect salmon and steelhead from pesticide pollution, and we are disturbed by the EPA weakening these procedures – which will result in unsafe pesticide pollution levels being ignored. Continue reading

Protecting My Pesticide-Free Garden

By Teresa Miller, NCAP Supporter Photo: Corn and garlic in Teresa Miller's garden One Friday morning in late June of last year, just as my heirloom corn plants were hitting their stride, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a man spraying my neighbors’ lawn with something from a tank truck, which sent clouds drifting over the fence and onto my vegetable beds. Continue reading