I've been exposed to pesticides. What should I do?

We are sorry to hear you experienced drift from a neighbor or were exposed to a pesticide spray. We are not able to provide health or legal advice, but have provided the following information in response to frequent requests. 

You should contact your primary care provider if you experience any ill health affects, including but not limited to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. For some pesticides, antidotes can be administered. Contact the party responsible and ask what chemicals were used, in some cases more than one pesticide can be used. You should contact your local Department of Agriculture and notify them of your concerns. See below for links to report a pesticide drift or accidental exposure.  

The following is a summary of recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority

  1. Wash off the pesticide.
  2. Warn others in the area.
  3. If an outdoor pesticide release is ongoing-shut all windows and doors and turn of the AC/HVAC system and leave the area. If indoors, leave the building. For either take pets if you can.
  4. Write down what happened.
  5. Report the incident.

In Oregon, for urgent pesticide-related health concerns, call the Oregon Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 (24 hours a day/seven days a week).

Resources for reporting and filing complaints:

Oregon Pesticide Incident Complaint Form

Washington Investigation and Enforcement Form

Idaho Damage Claim

Montana Compliance and Enforcement

In California, your first contact should be your County Agricultural Commissioner, who enforces pesticide laws and regulations locally.

For more information in Oregon:

Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) website

ODA's Pesticides Program Webpage

ODA's Pesticide Analytical and Response Center (PARC)

ODA's brochure with useful information outlining the investigative program 

For more information in Washington:

To file a complaint for pesticide misuse, contact the office nearest to you

You may also file a complaint concerning the misuse of a pesticide or licensing violation at any of the six Pesticide Compliance offices nearest you.

Be prepared to provide as much information as possible concerning the incident. It is also advised that you prepare a written statement concerning the incident as soon as possible. If your call is an emergency, please call the Olympia office.

Toll free statewide: 1-877-301-4555

Olympia (360)902-2040

Moses Lake(509) 766-2575

Spokane (509)533-2690

Wenatchee (509) 664-3171


For more information in Idaho:

Information on the process is here

For more information in Montana:

Montanta Department of Agriculture pesticide department repsonsibilities

Legal Assistance:

NCAP can not provide legal advice in dealing with aerial or other sprays, so we recommend you contact your local bar association if you want to pursue legal help. For Washington and Oregon:

Washington: http://www.wsba.org/ | 800.945.9722 | [email protected]
Oregon: http://www.osbar.org/public/ris/ | 800-452-7636

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