Warm River Temperatures Make Pesticides More Harmful to Salmon

Low snowpack and an early hot summer have led to warmer temperatures for Pacific Northwest rivers. Temperatures have risen into the 70s in the majority of rivers with monitoring stations in Oregon, Washington and California. These high temperatures have been blamed for thousands of recent adult and juvenile salmon deaths of both wild and hatchery fish. Salmon need cold water for optimal health, preferring temperatures in the 50s. Continue reading

Tell the EPA: Your Proposal Doesn't Go Far Enough!

  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new label language for pesticides that are toxic to bees. The language would prohibit growers and pesticide applicators from using certain pesticides when contracted bees (usually honeybees) are on-site to perform pollination services.   The measure is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough! Continue reading

New Bill to Protect Children

Washington Schools Urged to Reduce Pesticide Use with Integrated Pest Management Policy.  Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-32nd District, Shoreline) introduced SB 6002, a bill to protect children from pesticide exposure in Washington schools. The bill would require Washington school districts to implement integrated pest management programs by Sept. 1, 2016.  Continue reading

Clean Water for Salmon: An Elusive Goal

While we often hear that we are an over-regulated nation, the truth is that thousands of miles of salmon and steelhead streams continue to be subjected to contamination by hazardous pesticides, even though the National Marine Fisheries Service has determined that the legal use of these pesticides jeopardizes the survival of multiple runs. Continue reading

Give Thanks for SEEDS!

We gather around our tables and give thanks this week for the bounty of the harvest, but do we think of the seeds that were planted to grow the tasty pumpkin or squash? Continue reading